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Our WorkWe partner with our clients to create best-in-class experiences for the constantly evolving multi-device landscape.


Boeing 787 Passenger Parallax Experience 

As Boeing prepared to re-launch the 787 Dreamliner, the Brand Management team sought to recreate excitement around the industry-changing airline. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a rich visual narrative, we designed a parallax experience to create a memorable, best-in-class digital passenger experience to reach audiences and encourage user engagement.

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Featured Clients

We help customers build their brands with data-driven experiences across all digital channels.

Who we areDigital and Creative Pioneers, Here for the Road Ahead

We are SILK, a digital and creative agency with experience helping businesses navigate and engage audiences in North America and China. Our teams work on everything from early-stage product ideation, to executing cutting-edge digital campaigns for Fortune 100 clients.
Similar to how the historic Silk Road connected China and the West, SILK connects clients to markets around the world.

We Are Results Oriented

Specializing in real-time digital marketing to enhance customer acquisition through analytics, business intelligence, and proactive marketing measures. Cool and award-winning creative work is great, but tangible results that drive future growth are even better. We do both.

We Forge New Connections

With key offices in North America and China, we offer a unique blend of creative, technology, and marketing talent to bridge cultures and create new market connections in an evolving digital landscape.

We Know Technology

We are a division of iSoftStone, a technology consulting firm with over 20,000 employees worldwide, offering scalable solutions in both creative design and development from years of technical and consulting expertise.

We Are Here for the Road Ahead

The historic Silk Road and the market impact it made between China and the West inspires us to lay the pathway between clients and worldwide markets.

Meet Our Team

At the heart of SILK is our people. We are an interdisciplinary team of thought-provoking leaders with unique global perspectives on how we want to do business. We are fascinated by ideas and enthusiastic about providing the best solutions for our clients. Some of us have worked in early-stage startups, others with tech giants. Combined, we have years of branding, digital marketing, design, and creative experience. We love doing great work, and we don’t shy away from challenges. We also understand the need for a good ping pong match or a barbeque while watching our favorite game. By the way, we’re hiring.

John Figueroa

John Figueroa

Creative Director

Simply put, John is a hands-on creator, not just the leadership figure who participates in meetings. He knows how art directors, copywriters, designers, and developers work – from what makes them tick to providing assistance when they need help.

He brings more than 15 years of experience working in the digital field with strategy, ideation, trust, and collaboration being fundamental components to his work environment. He’s worked for clients such as AT&T, Boeing, Coinstar, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony, and SK Telecom while receiving creative industry recognition along the way. John brings a unique multicultural perspective and ability to create connections between people, products, and services.

Deborah Rivera

Deborah Rivera

Creative and Experience Lead

As the Creative and Experience Lead, Deborah is involved in every step of the creative process, from conceptualizing big ideas to designing outstanding and insight-driven digital experiences. Aligning with SILK’s vision, she sets the precedent consistently raising the standards of our digital experiences across multiple channels and brands.

Over the past 11 years, Deborah led the design of digital experiences for companies such as AT&T, Microsoft, Bare Escentuals, Sony, and the Walt Disney Company. Deborah’s passions lie in interaction design, art direction, writing, and business development. Being blessed with an energetic personality, she is gifted at inspiring others with her relentless enthusiasm which is said to be contagious.

Andre Tan

Andre Tan

Technology and Digital Solutions Lead

Andre leads the developers and Project Managers in Silk’s technology group. He has spearheaded projects and teams within the interactive space for the past 17 years and brings a unique cross-disciplinary background spanning development, design, marketing and film/broadcast production to his consulting work for non-profits, SMBs, and Fortune 100 and Global 500 corporations. Andre also has a strong affinity for educational technologies and has had some of his research and development work in online video and digital media distribution funded by the National Science Foundation.

Luke Farinella

Luke Farinella

UX Designer

Depending on the needs of a project, Luke can fill many roles in the end-to-end design process. Whether it’s authoring and facilitating user testing sessions, creating wireframes and site flow diagrams, designing visual comps and illustrations, or providing clear specifications for development, his experience and natural talent allows him to handle any project. With more than five years of experience in e-commerce and digital entertainment for clients like Microsoft, Luke provides expertise and a unique skill set. Be sure not to ask him about video game design unless you have a few hours to chat about his passion for weekend design projects.

Chris Mayer

Chris Mayer


Chris brings a wealth of experience in print media, UI, UX, design, and development from more than nine years of work with small businesses, city councils, and large corporations including PSE, Microsoft, and NBC Universal. His healthy thirst for learning new technologies and figuring out how to implement them into projects adds a crucial component to the SILK team.

Chris has an uncanny way of looking at each project from the eyes of the end user and creating simple solutions to even the most complicated problems. A hybrid designer-developer, Chris is equally at home mocking up a website, or implementing front-end code. He helps to bridge the gap between Creative and Development. Chris is what our Creative Director likes to call a Purple Unicorn.

Erich Lin

Erich Lin


Erich (Hung-Che) is a new media designer with experience in web and broadcast mediums, specializing in creative concept development, UI design for websites and apps, illustrations, and front-end development.

He is knowledgeable in best practices for web-based information architecture and design. Erich specializes in user interface design, creative concept development, pixel art, web standard CSS, user-centered design, wire framing, and prototyping. His extensive experience in Silverlight, WPF, Flash, visual Design, and motion graphics are invaluable to the developer team. He helped design several high profile websites such as,, China Southern 787 Airliner, Microsoft Enterprise and Industry Solutions, Microsoft United Communications, and

Our ServicesWith a unique mixture of deep technology expertise, creative talent, and market knowledge, we provide all of the services you’ll need to grow your brand.

Real-Time Marketing

Listening and responding to your audience should be done in multiple ways. We leverage real-time data through analytics, A/B testing, and social media sentiment to help brands simultaneously deliver the right message to the right audience at the right moment.

Brand Strategy

We help companies position their brands with engaging experiences and on-target messaging in effort to resonate with customers across cultural boundaries.

Creative and User Experience

From product design ideation to strategic creative campaigns, we create user-centric immersive experiences across multiple devices and media channels.

Digital Platform Development

Our deep history of implementing innovative interactive experiences allows us to use the best development technologies tailored for each solution.

Culturalization and Localization

We help brands enter into specific markets with unique and local knowledge of customs, culture, and language. With our deep roots in China and North America, we serve as the bridge for brands to reach across borders and connect with audiences throughout the world.

Our Culture

We love what we do, and we think we’re pretty good at it. But we’re constantly learning, pushing ourselves, and out to deliver the best to our clients. We’re hungry, we’re scrappy, we’re multi-cultural, and we’re interesting. People want to work with us, and they want to work for us. We want to be among the best digital mavens and creative forces. We want to be a bridge between the East and the West, and we want to deliver great work…

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